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How can I ensure my privacy and being certain my connection is secured?

Updated on: 2017-02-19 10:55:25 UTC


SaferVPN provides you network anonymity by hiding your IP address once you are connected to SaferVPN server. In this process your original IP address gets changed to the one assigned to you by the SaferVPN software.

However there are certain factors that needs to be taken in consideration in order for you to be protected and to ensure your security and to avoid anonymity leaks.  


A. Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) Leak

Web Real Time Communication refers to a technique for real-time communication directly in a browser. Your browser and the language can leak your Country’s ID. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera (and browsers based on them except Safari and Internet Explorer) generally have WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) enabled by default . You should always disable them, however doing this may interrupt some of the webapp services that use your microphone and camera and they will again start working once you re-enable WebRTC.

B. Browser Location Services

You can deactivate this service in your browser's settings as browsers nowadays supports geo-location based on the W3C Geolocation API, which uses different geographical location information like your IP address, a WLAN, a Bluetooth MAC address, RFID and/or IDs of GPS and mobile phones. 

C. Cookies/Cache

Your Cache memory or the cookies stored in your browser may also contain your real IP and your original geographic location. You can try some of the cache/cookie cleaner apps and delete them before you start your browser.

D. Browser and System Information

There are some browsers that look for the visitor’s geographic location and Country ID. Whenever there is any conflict you will get blocked. SaferVPN constantly works on its internal filters, which get activated by the tracking blocker and which hide browser attributes.

E. Third Party Applications Exposes Your Real IP

There are some apps that you might be using (such as Dropbox, Skydrive, etc) that can expose your actual IP if they have been in use before connecting SaferVPN. It is recommended to deactivate those services and start them once you are connected to SaferVPN server to make sure your identity is not exposed. 

F. IPv6 is activated

SaferVPN app is not yet compatible with IPv6. To avoid your Country ID exposed by IPv6 please you can deactivate this feature for the operating system.

When using the SaferVPN Chrome extension you are protected via IPv6 also.

G. A Website IP Recognition 

There are some websites that link cookies or server-side sessions of a requested IP, so when you change the server/IP, the cookie or the server-session is invalid. This can usually be solved by logging into the same website again after connecting to the SaferVPN.

Note : Always make sure you have activated the program's backup settings so you can safely go back to a specific system state in case something went wrong.


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